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SNP Speed Trial at Lake Weir, FL

SNP Team Rider Helga Goebel on Lake Weir, Florida Conducting SUP Time Trials
Press Releases

For Immediate Release
February 16, 2010 - Surf Nano Products (SNP) becomes an Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) National Sponsor and announces SNP Student Surfing Awards for deserving student surfer athletes

SNP, proud National Sponsor of the ESA and the ESA All-Star Team, is expanding its sponsorship to deserving student athletes. As an innovative way to support deserving surfer athletes, Surf Nano Products (SNP) is granting “SNP Student Surfing Awards” to three student surfer athletes within the three ESA Regions.


“SNP has been a great supporter of ESA and the All-Star Team since they started business last year and I look forward to their continued support in 2010. When this Surfing Award was presented to me, I thought this is one of the most innovative community outreach programs I’ve seen, and an example of the way Andy and Howard do business!”…… Debbie Hodges (ESA Executive Director) 


Surfers will submit an application and 250 word essay to SNP by March 12th. Three student athletes will be selected for the award from each of the three ESA regions. Minimum requirements are a GPA of 3.0 and 18 years or younger as of January 1st, 2010. The essay must address the applicant’s surfing ability, financial need, current sponsorships, and community service involvement. All information will be kept confidential. Surfers do not have to be current ESA members to apply. Direct family members of the ESA District Directors are not eligible. Each award will consist of a free ESA membership or renewal, a $270 entry fee grant to be applied toward contest fees, and a free SNP Product Kit. Applications are available from the ESA District Directors and on-line from the ESA web site. Winners will be announced at the ESA/TGSA Scholastic Surfing Championships, March 26-28, 2010 in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Tom Warnke, SNP Sales and Marketing Director, will coordinate with ESA.


Pat Emery, ESA All-Star Team coach, along with Andy Giordano and Howard Loveless, Co-Founders of SNP, and Darrick Doerner, SNP R&D Advisor, seen at the 2010 Surf Expo with members of the ESA All-Star Team.


SNP will continue its support of the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) and the ESA All-Star Team in 2010 by holding product beach demonstrations at the ESA/TGSA Scholastic Surfing Championships, the three ESA Regional Championships, and the ESA Easterns.


Applications can be found on-line (SNP or ESA website) or from the area District Director(s). Completed applications should be returned to SNP via mail or fax or scanned email (contact information above).

For Immediate Release

January 25, 2010 - Surf Nano Products introduces "nanotechnology" to a global audience at Surf Expo


 SNP's booth at the 2010 Surf Expo in Orlando was the focal point for some of the most high-tech networking in recent years. Team riders, manufacturers, shop owners, and nano-geeks converged on Booth #508 in big numbers to find the source of the "buzz" for faster boards!

As a result of the show, some of the world's largest board manufactuers are now conducting independent testing of SNP on the most high-performance boards. Company founders Andy Giordano and Howard Loveless with SNP's worldwide Sales and Marketing Director Tom Warnke, described how SNP's nano-particles seal pores at the molecular level so water flows more quickly across a board's surface.

   Hawaiin big wave legend Darrick Doerner staked out his spot with SNP by arriving with two fire-engine-red Wiamea guns shaped by Dick Brewer. Just 24 hours before arriving in Florida, Darrick had been surfing huge Wiamea waves using SNP on his personal big wave board. The week before, he tested SNP at Jaws with the same great results. As SNP's R&D Consultant for board sports, "Double D" gave first hand to Helga Goebel (SNP SUP Team Rider and Florida Sales Rep) as well as a variety of riders, from pro surfers, windsurfers, kiteboarders, skimboarders, and some of the best SUP riders in the world.
  Pat Emery, ESA All-Star Coach, has the entire team on SNP. SNP will continue our support of the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) in 2010, holding beach demos at the ESA Scholastic Championships, the three ESA Regional Championships, and the Easterns

For Immediate Release

January 6, 2010 - Surf Nano Products. LLC announces key additions to staff, team riders, and website. "Acceptance in the U.S. has been amazing ...... announcements set the stage to grow globally" say founders.
Surf Nano Products, maker of the revolutionary "SNP Board Enhancer", a clear, glass and ceramic nanotechnology coating that reduces drag through the water, thus increasing speed, maneuverability, and board performance, today announce the addition of new team riders, sales representatives, R&D personnel, and marketing personnel - including legendary watermen, shapers, and professional shapers from Hawaii, Florida, New England, and California.
Sales and R&D Staff

  Tom Warnke (lef t) has joined the team as Sales and Marketing Director. Tom has 30+ years of experience in the industry and most recently served as VP National Sales Manager for Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, where he was instrumental in establishing the sales and distribution network on the East Coast. He has been an Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) District Director since the 1970’s, and founded the first Surfrider Foundation chapter in Florida.                  
Darrick Doerner, Hawaiin big wave legend and waterman, has joined us as Research and Development Consultant - Watersports. Known as "Double D", he has surfed for over 40 years and has performed R&D for legendary board shapers such as Dick Brewer and Gerry Lopez. Owner of SEA Adventures in Hawaii, Darrick is spearheading product testing in the water sports industry (from surfing to tow-in surfing to paddleboarding). Darrick comes to us after putting the product to the test on his personal equipment in 40' Hawaiin waves.
   Jordy Klein, Jr., legendary aerial and aquatic cinematographer, and owner of Jordan Klein Film and Video, has joined the team as our Research and Development Consultant – Aviation and Water Photography. Working alongside his Academy Award Winning father, Jordan Klein, Sr., Jordy has produced numerous movies, commercials, documentaries, and industrial films for clients such as CSI Miami, Splash, Jaws, Sea World, Sea Doo Watercraft, Ranger Boats, and Chris Craft Yachts. He is an accomplished helicopter, glider, and fixed wing pilot, and holds an advanced scuba license. A competitive water skier and wake boarder, Jordy comes to us after field testing the product on his camera housings, helicopter dome, and airplane. His daughters, Elle and Rossi, are semi-professional surfers and SNP Team Riders. Jordy will assist with product testing in some crossover water sports (from wake boarding to water skiing to surfing), but will primarily spearhead product testing in our newest business unit – Aviation and Water Photography.
Sales Representatives
Packet Casey and Helga Goebel
Packet and Helga own H2O Action Sports, LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL and are distributors of Jimmy Lewis SUPs in Florida. Both are champion stand-up paddleboarders, wakeboarders, and kiteboarders. Packet and Helga will represent SNP in the SUP market, initially in Florida. Since Packet is from South Africa and Helga is from Brazil, they will help spearhead global expansion outside the U.S. Both packet and Helga are SNP team Riders as well.



   New England 
(Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)

Lenny Nichols

Lenny achieved success as a top-rated competitive surfer in Florida before Lenny achived success as a top-rated surfer before moving to Hawaii, where he lived and surfed the big waves of the North Shore for years. Lenny now resides in the coastal town of Hampton, NH, where he surfs year round, snowboards, and volunteers many hours as the Eastern Surfing Association’s (ESA) District Director for Northern New England.


Northern California

Koa Pickering
Koa grew up surfing in Northern California and Hawaii. After personally experiencing the benefits of SNP, Koa joined us as the Northern California sales representative. He has paddled outrigger canoes competitively and enjoys all forms of ocean recreation. He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and Harvard University School of Design (Landscape Architecture). He is also a member of the regional Surfrider Foundation chapter, and serves on the advisory board of a Northern California-based non-profit organization, Oceans and Communities.
The "SNP Board Enhancer" is a clear, nanotechnology coating that creates a glass and ceramic molecular-level pore sealant that reduces drag, and increases board speed, maneuverability, and board performance. The built-in UV protection adds durability and reduces the yellowing of epoxy and polyester boards. Andy Giordano and Howard Loveless are co-founders of the company. The company's new web site has detailed information about the product. new team riders, and international endorsements.
The product is made from renewable resources and contains zero VOC's. The Cleaner is biodegradable. All kit components, except the applicator sponge, are recyclable. The Enhancer is not wax, silican, or teflon. It is odorless, colorless, non-reactive, hypoallergenic, and will not leach into the environment.
The kit is sold on-line and in select shops. It is available in 2-ounce ($29.95) and 4-ounce ($39.95) kits, and includes everything needed - Cleaner, Enhancer, applicator sponge(s) and microfiber finishing towel. A Bulk Program is available for manufacturers as a final finish step in board production. Depending on use and handling, one application will last 4 months, however, repeated applications increase performance.




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