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SUP World Record Holder Tom Jones Talks SNP

Extreme Athlete Tom Jones Sets World Record Using SNP on Key West to NYC Marathon


Tom Jones (CA)
SUP World Record Holder
"Absolutely it makes a difference!" 

Darrick Doerner - Waterman and SNP R&D Consultant (HI)
"It was a magic carpet ride with fast down the line speed. I made all my waves!!!!!! Real performance enhancement for the ride of your life!"

Keoni Yen (HI)

"I've applied this to my 6'0" Pyzel Fish, 6'2" Dominator, 6'2" Stealth, 6'0" Bonzer Octafish, 6'2" Russell Hoyte Speed Droid. As soon as I started to paddle, I noticed a difference. I could feel my boards glide better when I was into waves ... the response was remarkable! I actually made my whips and cuts faster for the next section. The Bonzer was off the hook ... making the section of the waves even faster. And its UV protector I'm glad something like this is here ! MAHOLO'S"

L. Mileto Allemand - Jimmy Lewis SUP Team Rider (Brazil)
"I have been riding the Jimmy Lewis Albatroz for a while now, and I applied SNP on the board just before the Cold Stroke Classic race in NC. I noticed a big difference on the way my board glides through the water! It is definitely faster! SNP works!"


Makena Yen (HI)

"I'm 10 years old and going to be like Rob Machado! My dad put this on my bodyboard and now I'm sliding on the face of the wave! I'm going faster and it's fun! He put it on my new board and I'm going faster than ever!"

Jim Cegelnik (CA)
"I put it on my everyday board .... a board that I felt completely dialed with. There was a noticeable difference in the board's performance with the product. Not only was the board faster on the face of the wave, but the biggest advantage that I found was the increased ability to paddle into a wave. Waves that I would have barely missed I was able to get into! Because of this I was able to increase my wave count per session, thus having more fun! I'm totally sold on the product!"
Justin Lamkin (ME)
"The application of my new surf tool SNP took about 45 minutes of what I now call the "rocket coat". Paddled out at perfect small firing right and felt like the board paddled faster ...... caught my first speedy and perfectly looking wave easily .... and I was stoked to find that I was flying with new found speed, my bru! I am telling you this stuff works and you will fly and be ripping with all kinds of speed down the line. Get it!

Lakey Peterson - 2010 PacSun Junior Surf Team 
"It worked great. I had it on my proton the last day to compare ... that is when I did my best ... I got a 9 in one of those heats and finished 4th overall. I think it works well even if ever so slight ..... it can't hurt ...... you every little edge you can get and SNP could have been just the edge I needed! Like is good!"

Mikey Ciaramella - SNP and Rusty Team Rider (NJ)

"This stuff is the sickist! It makes all of my boards so much faster and my turns a lot sharper. It also keeps my boards clean and white .... and its really easy to apply"

Raven Lundy - Billabong Surf Team Manager (VA) .......... riding IDA!
"Try out SNP for your next surfing session. You will be quite surprised with how much extra speed it gives you. First time I tried it I was bombing barrels and got shacked and spit out!

Mike Glasure (HI)
"I slapped SNP on my 6'4" Firewire Dominator. Right off the bat, the board looked better and felt a lot smoother! I could tell instantly that I was paddling faster, getting into waves faster, and flying down the faces quicker! I'll recommend it to everyone I surf with!"

Packet Casey - SNP Team Rider (SUP and Kite Board) South Africa and FL
"On the same course that I regularly train, under the same conditions, with the same equipment and rider ..... I improved my 3-mile course time from 41 minutes to 39 minutes (40 seconds per mile) or 780' faster! In a recent competition, first and second place were four seconds apart and the top-7 finishers had times within two minutes of the winner. SNP could have been the difference between winning and a top-10 finish!


Audry (HI)

"I love product and was really surpised at the diffreence it made on my 6'1" rounded-tail shortboard! I got more speed paddling and my board had better catch and glide when getting into waves. I was able to get my tail all the way around in preparation for the next section .... a smoother and faster!"

Helga Goebel - SNP Team Rider (SUP and Kite Board) Brazil and FL
"Just tried the product on my SUP. It's very nice and makes the board slide through the water ... like butter!"

Joe Reighn - Surfer and Professional Water Photographer (NJ)
"At first I was not sure if this product would work on my surfboard, let alone my camera's water housing. I instantly noticed the lack of water sticking to my lens port ... the product made the water bead-off! I was impressed! SNP really does work and it has helped me get much clearer shots when shooting in the water!"

Koa Pickering - SNP Sales Representative (CA)

"The first time using the product on my board, I could feel a difference in glide as soon as my board hit the water when paddling out. On a wave, it gives me noticeable extra speed, which really helps in connecting maneuvers and making sections. I'm super stoked on the product!"

Ian Bloch - ESA All-Star and SNP Team Rider (NJ)
"You get that extra speed burst to hit it off the top and get those extra points that you need in contests. I could feel the speed difference a lot. My board definitely works better with SNP on it. It also gives me an edge in the paddle battles."

Ana Barend - ESA All-Star and Assistant Coach (NH)
"My board was more responsive and faster! Great improvement!"

Nikki Viesins - ESA All-Star (FL)
"SNP rocks!"

Alex Geesey - ESA All-Star, 2009 Womens Finalist - Southeast Regionals and Easterns (FL)
"It's great! My surfing performance really shot up, and it helps to gain speed to pull off maneuvers. It's a great product ... get it ..... and use it! It's awesome!"

Christian Miller - ESA All-Star, 2009 Southest Regional Open Champion (FL)
"It's really good. It makes my board a lot faster. It works through turns and flat sections a lot better."

Luke Marks - ESA All-Star, 2009 Easterns Menehune 2nd Place (FL)
"It definitely improves your speed. I felt a lot faster. My paddling ability was a lot better and getting around sections was a lot easier .... it just works. It really super light and does not weight your board down. It also helped with turning, 'cause the more speed you have the better you can do your turns."

Hector Santamaria - ESA All-Star (PR)
"I think SNP works really good for your boards. It's a good product. I want it on all my boards. I'm stoked!"

Craig Carroll - Owner and Instructor - Ron Jon Surf School (Cocoa Beach, FL)
"I tried the product on a day whan the wind was really hard offshore, and I know I caught some waves that I would not have caught without the product being on my board."

Jeff (Paco) Reynolds - Sunrise Surf Shop (Jacksonville Beach, FL)
"It's killer! It definitely works. I was impressed, especially with the speed. I was able to go places on the wave that I wouldn't normally be able to go."

Dave Freidank - Owner and Shaper - Blue Earth Surfboards (Lake Worth, FL)
"I was out in an overhead windswell and I made lots of cutbacks and sections. It's for real and it enhances the way the board rides."
Alex Duncan - SNP Sales Representative (WA)
"It was fast and easy to apply. The first day, my thought was my board now has power steering. The second day is when I realized I had glide after each stroke of the paddle. The product made a huge difference in my board's performance."

Lenny Nichols - ESA Northern NE District Director and SNP NE Sales Representative (NH)
"It's great stuff. You paddle out and feel it right away. I used to try boat wax, Rain-X, and stuff like that .... but this stuff is so much better. When you paddle out, you feel it right away. When you first ride it, you almost have to throttle back your intensity and let the wave come to you, so you don't end up outracing your wave. It's a great product. My board just felt like a new board ... and mentally too it rejuvenates my psyche!"
Kai Nichols - Son of Lenny Nichols (NH)
"It was very good. I was faster and I did sharper turns too. I caught waves faster and the board is more slick, too!"
Mitch Kauffman - ESA North Florida District Director (FL)
"It's the best thing to happen to surfing in the last 20 years."

Brian Heritage - Shaper and Owner of Heritage Surf Shops (NJ)
“At first I was skeptical, but after trying out the product and seeing the validity of the product that it actually adds speed to the boards, we decided to incorporate it in the manufacturing of all Heritage Surfboards! We have also found that it not only enhances speed to the boards, but the Board Enhancer also has board saving qualities with the UV protection factor that is incorporated into the nanotechnology itself.”  

John Barrie - SNP and Rip Curl Team Rider (NJ) “After trying the product in all types of conditions and on different boards, I am convinced that this product works! Not only does it add speed to your surfing, it adds quickness to your turns. I highly recommend this product for all levels of surfing. The “Board Enhancer” offered by Surf Nano Products will be the new standard on every surfboard.” 
Leila Geesey - Mutiple Year ESA Regional and Easterns Finalist (FL)
"It's a really good produtct. The board goes faster and it helps me catch more waves. And it keeps the sun from yellowing your board so fast!"
Keenan Cunningham - ESA All-Star (FL)
"It was so much faster you can fly down the waves. Turns are so much faster. I recommend that everyone use it ... except the other people in my heat!"
Rob Kelly - SNP and Fox Team Rider (CA)
“I’ve been in CA with my shaper Mike Walters (21-13 Surfboards) getting my equipment wired. I just picked-up two new boards and put the Board Enhancer on both of them. Boards were working insane when I rode them. New boards always feel pretty good the first time you ride them, but these boards fell into the “magic category”. I’ve never rode a board for the very first time and felt as good as I did with these two”. I was so impressed by the way my boards felt that I wanted to really put it to the test. I have an old board that I rode in most pro events this year that I recently stopped riding.I normally ride a board 3-4 months before it loses its glide. I cleaned up this board and applied the SNP Board Enhancer. It felt as good as it was when I first got it, if not better. I am so stoked to be able to continue to compete on this board that I love so much with confidence that it still rides good as new. I won’t ever use another board without SNP Board Enhancer again.”
Dave Breisacher - Former Owner of Garden State Surf Magazine (NJ)
“Had a great trip to Indo. The Board Enhancer you applied on my boards worked great .I felt a noticeable difference in this board that I’ve ridden all over the world. The boards also spent a good amount of time in the equatorial sun and showed no signs of yellowing.”

Ron Bellanger - ESA SNE Co-Director (NH)
“I can’t tell if it is faster or smoother than car wax. I know the theory works, and would rather use the product than car wax, because it would last longer and hold up to salt water longer. I’ve been catching more waves in the line-up and out paddling lots of other surfers. More than usual. Hmmmm”

Kai Dilling - Shaper and Owner of Sol Shapes Surfboards (NC)
“I like it!!!! The boards feel like they some extra pizzazzz, very slick and slippery feeling”

Pat Emery - ESA All-Star Coach, former East Coast and National Champion (NJ) 
"I could not believe that I actually gained speed out of my turns. It was almost like relearning how to surf my board with a volume button. On one roundy, I carried soooo much speed through the turn, I was able to unleash a backhand smack like you are supposed to. I couldn't believe what I was feeling! It was like I was on a skateboard throwing the board around. If you are ready to "turn up the volume" in your surfing, well then you must have this product. This technology will take competition surfing as well as free surfing to a new level and bring back the "fun factor" in my surfing. I had to laugh, because after the first couple of waves I thought to myself ...... this product could be difference in any final ... you could be that much faster than your competitor. This product will be used on the boards of the ESA All-Stars."
Brittney Hickey - ESA All-Star (NJ)
"The first time I put SNP on my board, instead of having to pump down the wave, I was actually getting speed and making it to the lip. It's amazing how fast it works. I actually had to get used to the speed, because I wasn't used to surfing without drag. It seems like each session I surf the product gets better."
Captain Keith Stokes - Ship Bottom Beach Patrol (NJ)
"After using SNP, our competition team definitely noticed a difference. The paddleboard had this new speed and glide that made it much easier to catch those little bumps that you  would usually miss. If you are looking for a competitive edge, I highly recommend the Board Enhancer!"
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