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Sandy Raue SNP Demo

Sandy Raue, ARK Tean Rider, talks about SNP on her SUP
Our Story

Surf Nano Products, LLC was established in 2009 with roots in the small seashore town of Sea Isle City, NJ. It was there where we were introduced to the hydrophobic benefits of nanotechnology, and being water sports enthusiasts, we applied the product on our surfboards. The result was truly remarkable and unexpected. To put the product to the test, we approached a long-time friend and pioneer in the surfing industry ... Brian Heritage, Owner of Heritage Surf and Sport. The product was applied on his personal boards, and the results very truly remarkable. Now all Heritage Team Rider surfboards are treated with SNP "Board Enhancer" as well as all surfboards shaped by Brian Heritage and Brian Wynn. Based on this feedback, we acquired the exclusive, global rights to this product chemistry for the water and snow sports industry.
In 2010, we expanded our market niche to the exploding Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) market. The product is now endorsed by industry legends such as Darrick Doerner, Gerry Lopez, and Tom Jones, who recently set a world record paddling 1,500 miles from Key West to New York City using SNP on his personal equipment. Darrick Doerner was so impressed with the product that he joined the company.

Our vision is for waterman around the world to experience the Speed Revolution that SNP's "Board Enhancer" will deliver. We are revolutionizing the surfing and SUP industry by using nanotechnology to create a clear, hydrophobic "water shedding" and UV resistant coating. The result is a complete reduction of drag, increased board speed, easier paddling, and reduced fatigue. This product will increase the performance level of every waterman, regardless of skill level. We can make this bold statement because the product works.
The product has now been proven in most watersports applications such as surfboards, paddleboards, kite boards, wake surfing, skim boards, wake boards, personal watercraft, racing sailing boat, and lifeguard boats. The product was also proven to work on crew boats, but U.S. Rowing Association rules prohibit its use.  

See you in the line-up!
Andy Giordano                                                           Howard Loveless
Co-Founder and President                                        Co-Founder and Vice President

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