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Product Information - Board Enhancer

Surf Nano Products, LLC announces the launch of a revolutionary product for the water and snow sports industry. The “Board Enhancer” is a clear, hydrophobic coating that when applied to the underside and rails of a surfboard and allowed to cure, creates a water repellent surface which reduces drag, increases board speed, and increases quickness in the turns. It is not a wax, silicone, or teflon based product as is the competition. The product is actually comprised of milllions of glass and ceramic particles that are molecularly bonded to the surface through an evaporating ethanol carrier solution during the one hour air curing process. The result is an ultra-thin, non-stick coating that is 30 nanometers thick, and for some perspective, one human hair is 10,000 nanometers thick. Its UV resistant feature reduces board discoloration.
The product comes in a plastic clamshell (kit) that includes a 2-ounce bottle of Board Cleaner, a 2-ounce bottle of Board Enhancer, an applicator cleaning pad, a microfiber finishing towel, and complete instructions. A 4 ounce kit is also available for larger coverage surface areas. The application is simple and takes about an hour. Depending on the length and size of the surfboard, one kit will treat an average of 4 board applications. We recommend 2 initial coats to get the full hydrophobic effect. Depending on use and handling, one application should last 4 - 6 months, however, repeated applications only increase your performance.
Surf Nano Products, LLC has secured the exclusive, global distribution rights for the water and snow sports industry from NanoSafeguard of Seattle, WA. The product, manufactured in Germany, was originally developed for glass windshields, but we have adjusted the chemistry slightly for composite, epoxy, and fiberglass surfaces.
Nanotechnology is an emerging field of material science that produces materials at a sub-atomic level. Nano particles are either water or alcohol based and can consist of four primary materials - ceramic, diamond, silver, and glass - that interact differently depending on the surface to be created. The nano particle mix is manufactured in eithet an alcohol or ethonal carrier solution that acts as an agent to facilitate the curing process. Our product is glass and ceramic based in an ethanol carrier. All surfaces are microscopically porous. Once applied, the nano particles organize themselves during the curing process to fill surface voids and form a coating and bond with the surface as the carrier solution evaporates. We have discovered that repeated applications are more effective and not noticeable to the human eye due to the microscopic chemistry of the product.
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