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MYSN.TV and SNP at ESA Regionals

Product Demonstration for MYSN.TV
Applying the Board Enhancer

Applying the product is a relatively simple process. The "Board Enhancer Kit" contains everything needed for a proper application. The product application process is as follows:

Board Cleaning Preparation - Bottom of the board, rails and fins should be free of dirt and wax.
Note: The cleaner the surface the more effective the Enhancer. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

Apply "Board Cleaner" to entire board bottom including rails and fins.

Allow board to dry completely (5 minutes) before applying the "Board Enhancer".

Spray a generous amount of "Board Enhancer" on the enclosed round applicator sponge.

Note: Latex gloves will protect sensitive skin.

Using circular motions, apply to bottom, rails, and fins of the board making sure to coat the entire surface.

Note: Avoid excessive build-up as it may delay the curing process. 

Let air dry and cure for 1 hour.

Note: Excessive humidity may prolong the curing process. If so, place board in sunlight and/or airy area until hazing is complete.

Wipe-off the residue (haze) with the enclosed polishing towel or other "lint-free" towel after 1 hour. A moist towel may also be used. 
Note: Haze should not be left on surface for a prolonged period of time.

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