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Jordy Klein and SNP

Jordy Klein's testimonial after using SNP on his underwater, helicopter, and aerial photograhpy equipment
Product Information - Questions and Answers

How is this product different from other wax, silicone, or teflon based products?
It is not a wax, silicone, or teflon based product as is the competition. The product is actually comprised of milllions of  glass and ceramic particles that are molecularly bonded to the surface using an ethanol carrier solution during the one hour curing process.
If you apply this product to the topside of the board, can you still apply wax and traction pads? 
The resultant coating is molecularly bonded to the surface. Traction pads and wax will adhere to the treated surface.

Can you still perform ding repairs?
The resultant coating is an ultra-thin, non-stick, hard coating that is 30 nanometers thick, and for some perspective, one human hair is 10,000 nanometers thick. The product can be reapplied repeatedly without being visible to the human eye. 
Does the product provide UV protection?
The UV protectant is part of the product chemistry. It will protect the board from yellowing outside in sun as well as inside retail shops from the flourescent lights.
Is it affordable?
One 2 ounce kit retails for $34.95 and contains enough product for 4 board applications or $8 per board. The 4 ounce kit covers twice the surface area and is available for larger applications such as crew boats, outriggers, lifeguard boats, and large quivers.
How long will it last?
Depending on use and handling, one application should last up to 6 months. Our team riders, however, are saying that repeated applications make the product perform better. We recommend 2 initial applications to realize the full hydrophobic effect.
Can you remove it after it is applied?
We don't know why you would? The product cannot be removed with any liquid products. It will simply wear-off over time.
Will the product smear or remove any stickers or painted graphics?
The only negative comment that we have seen is that the "Enhancer" may smudge painted graphics that are not "under glass" or have been treated with a clear coat and certain sticker inks.
Is the "Cleaner" environmentally safe?
The "Cleaner" is awaiting the "Clean Seal Certification". The "Cleaner" is a water based solution that is made of renewable resources. It has an approved Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The "Cleaner" contains zero VOC's, is bio-degradeable, and meets all EPA criteria for an environmentally safe product.
Is the "Enhancer" environmentally safe?
The "Enhancer" is an alcohol (ethanol) based solution that evaporates almost immediately upon application. Ethanol is a renewable resource and has an approved Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Once the curing process is complete, the resultant seal is odorless and colorless. It is not wax, silicone, or teflon based as is the competition. As a resultant, it contains zero VOC's and will not leach into the environment. It is non-reactive and hypo-allergenic to the skin.
Are the "Kit Components" recyclable?
All kit components, except the applicator sponge, are recyclable. 
Are there any other environmental benefits?
The hydrophobic coating resists any type of contaminants that might cling to the surface such as algae, salt water build-up, etc. As a result, harsh environmental products are not needed to keep the surface clean.
Are gloves required when applying the product?
A standard application has been tested not to affect skin, however, we do recommend the use of nitrile or latex gloves for sensitive skin and/or repeated bulk applications as it may tend to dry the skin.
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